I had no worries whatsoever that this was the right decision

I was working on the back of a lorry and, in attempting to secure a curtain pole that was damaging some cartons in the lorry, a gust of wind hit me, knocked me off balance and I fell, hitting my right hand heavily. After several months of examination, a hand specialist was able to work out that I'd damaged the right hand side part of my right wrist, off the ulna. I wasn't initially considering making a claim. However, I had surgery to repair my wrist and found out I was going to be off work for a number of months. My employers were unwilling to offer any assistance and so I decided to make a claim. When I 'landed' on Sam's desk permanently, I had no worries whatsoever that this was the right decision. Sam made sure I knew where I stood at every step of the way. He was able to work with me throughout the claim and make sure that I understood how things were progressing at all times. As well as my claim, Sam's provided help in making sure I understand what the situation was with insurance policies I've had, and benefits matters. I feel like I've been guided by him throughout the course of my case. Sam has absolutely kept me in the loop, and I really did feel confident with the way that he was dealing with things. Although the accident happened a while ago, I am still adapting, and what I've been left with isn't perfect, but at least I can try to move on with my life and the work Sam and JMW have done will help me make sure I can do that. JMW has also set up a Personal Injury Trust for me, to make sure the compensation award I've received is protected. Paul Gotch's work on this has been really helpful; the process has been straightforward, problem-free and I've been left without any complaints. The advice I've received has been top notch and it's meant that I can make the most of my compensation award.

Mr F

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