I would have no hesitation recommending JMW at all

" It was just under 12 months from when I had my tripping accident, on 17th August 2013, to the conclusion of my case. A claim for compensation was pursued through JMW Solicitors and a successful claim was achieved on 7th August 2014, consequently a cheque for a higher amount than anticipated arriving through my letterbox a few days later.

My tripping accident happened on a road that has been in bad state of repair for many years with many pot holes present. The accident left me with injury to my left hand finger and thumb. After medical treatment I later contacted JMW Solicitors, after explaining the circumstances regarding my accident, I was quickly told there was a case to answer for personal injury against the owners of the road; Lancashire County Council.

A few days later I was contacted by JMW Solicitors and I was told that they would be dealing with my compensation claim from then on to completion.
Throughout my compensation claim JMW pursued my claim very professionally and for any correspondence sent to me requiring a return reply of documents, a prepaid envelope was always enclosed. If on occasions I required to speak on the telephone there was always a very pleasant and comfortable person to talk to, reassuring me at every step of the claim.

The whole process of my compensation claim from start to finish was pursued very quickly and to a very high standard by JMW, whom in fact achieved more compensation for me than was previously anticipated.

Not only did I receive more compensation than expected, there was more good news regarding the road my tripping accident occurred on - this road has recently been completely resurfaced after many years of neglect, I can only assume JMW's intervention helped a great deal in that process too. I suppose it could be said that they achieved two for the price of one.

If in the future I am asked to suggest a very good solicitor I would be very confident and have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending JMW Solicitors. "

Mr C -

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