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"My wife and I had booked a holiday to Turkey that we'd been really looking forward to, but instead, it turned into the holiday from hell as I suffered food poisoning whilst we were away. I found the hotel had very unsanitary conditions; one side of the restaurant was open, next to the pool, with all the food laid out next to trays, without any lids on them to cover them up. We didn't know how long the food had been out, and when we'd tried it, it was often lukewarm. "I'd started to feel ill from the second day, but two days before the end of our trip, I ate a burger off an outdoor hot plate that formed part of the hotel's outdoor catering facilities. It made me feel extremely ill and ultimately that night, I had to be taken to hospital and spent the night in hospital, on a morphine drip. "I wasn't able to enjoy the rest of our holiday at all, and felt ill the entire way home. Two days after we returned to the UK, my wife and I discussed things and I decided to see if I was able to seek legal advice for my illness. An online search revealed JMW Solicitors and I got in touch with them. "I spoke to a member of the JMW team and from the word go, they were absolutely brilliant. All her correspondence to me throughout my claim was first class. You were able to put both mine and my wife's mind at rest whenever we had a question. We were concerned we'd be charged, but the letters we received from you explained everything, assuring us of the position and that there would be no up front costs. "We have been guided through every step of the case really well, in a way that felt very straightforward and made things easy to deal with. A member of the JMW team told me if I needed to fill in any forms, when I would need to go and be examined by an independent medical expert and made things very clear. I was happy with how long it took her to settle my case for me, and you ultimately got me back the cost of the holiday and our spending money, with a little more besides. I'm really happy with the service I had, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend JMW to anyone who's found themselves suffering from the symptoms of food poisoning abroad thanks to the poor facilities offered by their hotel."

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