JMW made me feel 100% confident in the work they were doing on my behalf

" "Last year, I was injured in a cycling collision, where a motorist took me out and knocked me off my bike. It left me with quite a few cuts and bruises, persistent headaches, a damaged bike and an inability to cycle for a few months, so I decided to make a personal injury claim.

"I got in touch with JMW Solicitors, and dealt with the firm's Twisted Spokes cycling team.

"I am really pleased to say that I was left feeling delighted with the service the firm provided me with. I felt 100 per cent confident in the work you were doing on my behalf. The members of the team that I dealt with were straight to the point when it came to dealing with my claim, pro-actively covering off all my options and making me feel that they were pleased to deal with my case, to the point that I was even notified when my file handler would be out of the office on holiday.

"The team were always able to provide me with a clear timescale the case was working towards, and gave me regular updates. Once an offer to settle my case had been received, we discussed the matter and you felt I was entitled to more. Sure enough, your negotiation skills were such that a second offer soon came back from the defendant, in line with what you had expected my claim was worth, and I was happy that the time was taken to diligently consider what I was entitled to. I was happy with the settlement and would absolutely consider using JMW again if I needed to make another claim in the future."

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