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" "I was travelling as a passenger in my friend's car when the car was hit by a car on our right, as it was trying to undertake an ambulance that was directly in front of it. The car crashed into my friend's car and really shook us up. I was in quite a bit of pain after the accident, so I decided to make a claim for my injuries.

"I had been recommended JMW Solicitors, so I got in touch with them. I spoke to Michelle Arathoon, and straight away, she put my mind at ease about making a claim. I told her about the pains I'd noticed after the accident; neck pains, and aches and pains in various parts of my body. I also noticed I'd been getting headaches on and off since the accident. Michelle took down all of this information and got the ball rolling on my claim.

"I was very surprised to hear that the insurance company of the other car's driver didn't admit responsibility for the accident. Michelle was not deterred by this. She got me an appointment with a GP so that I could be independently assessed and a report could be drawn up on my injuries. The medical report was very clear that my injuries were down to the accident I had been involved in, caused by the other car's poor driving.

"Michelle was able to use this medical report to enter into a negotiation process with the other driver's insurance company and secured a great settlement for me. I was delighted with what she'd been able to achieve, and all her hard work for me. I would definitely recommend JMW and Michelle to friends and family, and anyone who has had an injury. The service you'll get is fast, friendly and professional!"

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