Wealth Protection

We would strongly advise anyone with considerable assets or wealth to put comprehensive plans in place to ensure that these assets are dealt with according to their wishes following death. For individuals with significant assets and wealth, a standard will may not be enough to make sure that a fortune is properly protected. Here at JMW Solicitors we have a dedicated wealth protection team who regularly help our clients protect their assets and ensure they are passed down through the generations of their family, or to other named parties. We have worked with owners of successful businesses who wish to protect their company and its assets, as well as individuals who have inherited estates and wish to keep them within a family.

To find out more about our wealth protection services call us now on 0845 872 6666.

How we can help

Our solicitors can deal with even the most complex of situations when it comes to wealth and assets.

We can draught comprehensive and tax-effective wills which guarantee that the people you want to benefit from your assets, do, and we can handle any contact with HM Revenue and Customs.

Many of our affluent clients choose to set up trusts which can come into effect on death, or become accessible during their lifetime. These are often used to protect funds until a child is of age to inherit, or can give financial protection to a spouse.

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We specialise in bespoke legal arrangements for those with significant assets, personal wealth or business wealth who want to ensure that their wishes are adhered to after death.

To find out more about our wealth protection services call now on 0845 872 6666 to speak to a member of our specialist team.

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