Compensation Claims

There are many different circumstances in which a claim can be made for compensation. We provide specialist advice to individuals and businesses who want to make a compensation claim as a result of various issues inlcuding: 

If you have any questions or need advice if you have been unfairly treated get in touch for a free initial conversation about your options.

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What you need to make a compensation claim

For a compensation claim to be successful we need to be able to show three things:

  1. That there was some negligence involved on someones' part. Maybe they gave incorrect advice or didn't provide the safety equipment required to do your job.
  2. That this negligence resulted in something happening, this is called causation. Maybe a ladder was not secured properly and it slipped causing you to fall or perhaps the local council didn't maintain a path properly and you tripped injuring yourself.
  3. Finally we need to be able to demonstrate that you suffered as a direct result of this chain of events. For example because you were unfairly dismissed you lost salary or perhaps your business had to write off a significant investment in a new product because poor advice had led you to believe you could obtain a patent for the work you were doing.

Making a compensation claim is not easy to do effectively on your own, our specialist solicitors can help you put together the claim and manage it through to a successful conclusion.

Often we will work on a no-win-no-fee basis and we are always happy to hapve an initial conversation with you to determine if you maight have a claim.

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