Witness Statements

Witness statements can strengthen your case, as they can support your version of events and demonstrate the effects the injury has had on your life.

There are generally two types of witness statements; those provided by individuals who witness your accident, and those provided by your family and friends after the accident, which highlight the effect it has had on your life.

Your lawyer will advise you what sort of witness statements may be required and assist in getting them by conducting a telephone interview with the witnesses. It is important to make sure you get contact details from anyone who has witnessed your accident so your lawyer to collect a statement from them.

Remember that the defendant’s side can also gather witness statements from individuals which may support the defendant. Your lawyer will advise if this has been the case, and how it may affect your case.

Joint Settlement Meeting Case Management Conference Directions Given Issue Court Proceedings Case Concluded Negotiation Check Evidence Seek Evidence Liability Denied Liability Accepted Letter of Claim Sent Case Taken On Court Case Settled

Joint Settlement Meeting

In some circumstances we may need to hold a joint settlement meeting to reach a final settlement on your case.


Case Management Conference

Once court proceedings have started, a case can have one or more case management conferences at any point before it reaches trial.  


Directions Given

Claimants and defendants are both required to directions to the court about how the case will progress.


Issue Court Proceedings

Usually, your lawyer will advise that it is appropriate to issue court proceedings on your case if it has reached an impasse or because your claim needs to be protected.  


Case Concluded

Your case will conclude with the presiding judge making a decision on whether your claim has been successful or not.



Negotiation of your case, based on the evidence presented from both sides.


Check Evidence

Your lawyer will check received evidence for accuracy and legitimacy.


Seek Evidence

Gathering of evidence is essential whether or not the defendant denies responsibility or not.


Liability Denied

Denial of liabilty means the most likely next steps include gathering supporting evidence to present to the defendant.


Liability Accepted

If the insurer accepts liability, the case can proceed to a monetary settlement.


Letter of Claim Sent

This stage confirms in writing the case, injuries and financial losses you have suffered.


Case Taken On

This stage will encompass your initial discussions with JMW about your case, and assessing your suitability to claim.



At this point we prepare all evidence for your court hearing.


Case Settled

At this point you could choose to accept the defendants offer or not.

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