Asbestos Disease Claims

In 2010 JMW's industrial disease specialists not only recovered several millions of pounds for victims of mesothelioma, but also recovered damages for other asbestos conditions such as lung cancer and asbestosis.

We undertake work referred to us by both medical professionals and coroners. Our team are familiar with the problems faced by victims of asbestos disease and have the experience to deal with many of these problems on your behalf leaving you and your families to concentrate on your health and wellbeing.

Some of our previous cases 

Lung cancer caused by asbestos exposure - £45,000

A Landmark case - Mr and Mrs W successful claim - £110,000


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The dangers of asbestos have been known since the turn of the century and by the early 1930’s it was widely accepted that heavy exposure to asbestos was harmful.  By the mid-1960’s employers were under a duty to keep any exposure to asbestos to an absolute minimum.  Despite this knowledge asbestos has been widely used in the UK construction industry until 1985 in the case of blue and brown asbestos and 1999 for white asbestos.  Anyone who has worked in heavy industry during this period has potentially been exposed to asbestos.

Speed is essential in asbestos disease claims. If you are concerned that you may have been exposed to asbestos, please seek legal advice as a matter of urgency.

We can assist by:

•  Advising regarding available benefits (lump sum payments are available for certain types of asbestos disease).
•    Finding likely sources of exposure to asbestos.
•    Tracing insurers of companies in liquidation.
•    Providing access to leading medical experts.
•    Applying for early £50,000 interim payments.
•    Pursuing claims through the High Courts Fast Track Mesothelioma Procedure.
•    Obtaining your full entitlement to compensation to protect your family’s future.

If you have been diagnosed with an asbestos disease then you need a specialist asbestos solicitor to deal with these tasks so call 0800 054 6570 now for a no obligation chat or email now for immediate advice or to arrange a home visit.

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