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If you have worked in a noisy environment and now find that you need to keep increasing the volume of the television, or asking people to repeat themselves then you may be suffering from occupational deafness or noise induced hearing loss. 

Employers have been aware since 1963 that exposure to noise can cause long term hearing loss.  Current regulations mean that all employers are under a duty to undertake a noise assessment in any case where the employee is likely to be exposed to dangerous levels of noise and thereafter must take steps to reduce the risk to the lowest level reasonably practical by muffling the noise or reducing exposure time.  Many heavy industries have been found to have consistently exposed employees to excessive noise over the years, including metal working, drilling and quarrying, stone cutting and the motor trade.  It can however arise in a number of industries and it is also important to note that the noise induced hearing loss (which shows a distinct pattern on an audiogram) must be separated from the effects of illness or old age (presbyacusis) and we can ensure that our medical expert undertakes appropriate audiological testing to ensure that the proper cause is established. 

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