Occupational Asthma Compensation

If you believe you have suffered from occupational asthma or believe that your working conditions have made existing asthma worse then call our expert legal team now on 0800 054 6570, or e-mail. We will aim to make the claims process as stress free and swift as possible and if we take on your asthma claim then we will offer you:

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The UK Health and Safety executive suggest that 7,000 people a year suffer from occupational asthma.  This can include people who have never suffered from asthma before but have been exposed to substances know as respiratory sensitisers or asthmagens which causes changes in the airways.  Equally it can mean people who have already suffered from pre-existing asthma may find that certain irritants can trigger attacks.  There are certain obvious industries where the incidence of asthma is much higher than in the general working population.  These can include bakers or food processors where exposure to grain or flour can act as a respiratory sensitiser.  Carpenters can be affected by dust, solder can affect welders or those involved in the electronic assembling trade and resins and glues can affect many occupations.   One of the most common causes of occupational asthma are isocyanates which are heavily used in the paint industry and can affect spray painters, mechanics, those working with plastics or those working on producing electrical equipment.  A recent HSE study has revealed that paint sprayers are eighty times more likely to suffer from occupational asthma than general working population.

When pursuing an asthma claim it is important to ensure that you are compensated not only for the symptoms but also for the affect that this has on your working life, for example you may be unable to work with a particular substance after becoming sensitised to it in your current employment.  The question of date of knowledge as to when asthma developed can also be crucial in determining the time limits for implementing a claim.  As soon as you have an inclination that you may be suffering from occupational asthma it is essential to seek urgent  expert legal advice.  If you require further information and advice or to pursue a claim telephone us now on 0800 054 6570 or email us for a live chat and expert advice on any of your queries from our team of dedicated industrial disease lawyers.

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