Case Study: Soft Tissue Knee Injury After Slip from a Wooden Decking Walkway at Golf Club

Mrs C Was Awarded £3,300

With JMW's help, a woman has received £3,000 compensation after she slipped on a wooden walkway at a golf club, causing soft tissue damage in her knee.

The accident

A keen golfer, Mrs C was entering her local club house across a wooden decking walkway that went over a drainage gully, when she slipped off into the gully banging her leg and elbow as she fell, landing on her right knee. She decided to make a claim for her injuries and was put in touch with JMW Solicitors LLP. 

The claim

We sent a letter of claim to the golf club, the defendants, notifying them of Mrs C’s intention to claim for her accident.  They referred the matter to their insurer, who confirmed that they would investigate their liability for the case.  Despite evidence that a gentleman had been in a similar accident two weeks after hers, the defendant’s insurers denied liability for Mrs C’s accident, suggesting that she was running to the club house and slipped. 


We therefore had to produce evidence to support Mrs C’s claim, and contacted witnesses who could support Mrs C’s account of her accident, including the gentleman who had injured himself* and a professional golfer who was instructing Mrs C and helping her improve her game. 

In order to further support Mrs C’s claim, we also arranged for her to visit an independent medical expert to assess her injuries and provide a prognosis for recovery. 

The defendant’s insurer then decided to change their position, and accept full liability for the accident.  The medical report confirmed that Mrs C had slipped on wet wooden decking and fell heavily on her right knee, which was cut and bruised as a result.  The expert noted that Mrs C made a good recovery, save for residual symptoms of pain. 

We disclosed this medical report to the defendant’s insurer, to encourage them to consider a settlement.  She also began putting together a Schedule of Loss, outlining all the quantifiable losses Mrs C had experienced as a result of his accident, and therefore what she was entitled to claim for.  Mrs C’s schedule included provisions for care and assistance from her husband and physiotherapy sessions.  We also made a calculation for the emotional impact the accident had on Mrs C’s life. 


The defendant’s insurer made an offer to settle the claim.  We felt that the offer was at the low end of what Mrs C was entitled to, when considering both her accident and the losses she was entitled to claim for and suggested to Mrs C that she negotiate a higher settlement, which Mrs C consented to.  We were able to then discuss the settlement figure with the defendant’s insurers, who consented to raise it to £3,300.  Mrs C was very happy with this amount and agreed to settle the claim. 

Mrs C was very pleased with the way in which her claim was dealt with.

*After contacting the gentleman who had experienced a similar accident to Mrs C at the golf club, the gentleman chose to make a claim and we also acted on his behalf. 

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