Case Study: Broken Left Wrist and Facial Bruising After Trip Over Electrical Cables

Mrs W was awarded £14,000

JMW has aided a pensioner in securing a £14,000 settlement after she tripped over electrical cables and broke her wrist.

The case

Mrs W, a pensioner, tripped and fell over electrical cables that were being used for an outdoor performance.  She suffered a broken left wrist, two black eyes, bruising to her nose and cuts and bruises to the knee.  She decided to make a claim and got in touch with JMW Solicitors.  

The claim

Mrs W was making her way down her local high street when she fell over the cables, which were being used to power an outdoor performance and being run from a shop across the pavement.  She was then taken into the store to be treated by a paramedic, where she noted another member of the public trip over the same cables.  

We sent a letter, outlining Mrs W’s accident circumstances and her intention to make a claim, to the organisation that put on the outdoor performance. This was then passed to the insurance company of the cable company responsible for providing the cabling for the event, who admitted responsibility for Mrs W’s accident.  

Gathering evidence

We arranged for Mrs W to have a medical examination from an independent consultant orthopaedic surgeon, who could provide an independent report regarding her injuries, how they were sustained and offer a prognosis for Mrs W’s recovery.  As we had difficulties with arranging for an independent medical expert to see Mrs W in her local area, and due to her age, we arranged for Mrs W to have a home visit.  

The medical expert suggested that the cuts, bruises and her black eyes healed well, and that the wrist fracture should settle within 8-10 months, although Mrs W would be left with some residual stiffness of her wrist on a permanent basis.  Mrs W also confirmed she had suffered from migraines and vomiting after the accident, which the medical expert made a note of.  He also confirmed that the accident affected Mrs W psychologically, as she had experienced a loss of confidence, and recommended she see a psychologist.  

Meanwhile, we prepared a schedule of loss, a document outlining all of Mrs W’s financial losses as a result of the accident.  

The psychologist reported that Mrs W was not feeling the same level of confidence she had before the accident, and suggested that it would be a number of months until she re-gained her confidence.  He did, however, suggest that some of her loss of confidence was due to the natural ageing process.  

Final settlement

Once we had all of this information, we submitted it to the cable company’s insurance company, to encourage them to make an offer to settle the claim. They came back with an offer to settle the case that we felt was a bit low.  We advised Mrs W to allow us to negotiate, reject the offer and return to the insurance company with an increased offer, which she agreed to.  

The insurance company rejected this increased offer, but made an offer that sat in the middle ground, between their original offer and ours.  After consulting with Mrs W, she confirmed that she was happy to accept the offer.  

Mrs W was very grateful for the service we provided, and wrote a very kind letter.  She said: “Your advice has proven invaluable during the entire process and I would like to thank you for the manner in which it was offered, I felt at every stage that you had my best interests at heart and I am extremely grateful.”  

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