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Amazon Divorce

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos has announced that he and his wife are to divorce after being married for 25 years. According to reports he has an estimated wealth of $137 billion.

The couple will no doubt divorce in America but it is worth thinking what might happen if they were to divorce using the Courts in England and Wales. After all, England is still the divorce capital of the world!

Mr Bezos has an estimated wealth of $137 billion and in sharing it out the Court would consider anything acquired during the marriage as “matrimonial property”.

Crucially, a large amount of Mr Bezos’s wealth comes from his stake in Amazon which was built up during the couple’s 25 year marriage. Amazon was formed only 1 year after Mr Bezos became engaged to his wife. The wealth would therefore be considered matrimonial property and in principle each party would be entitled to a 50% share.

In deciding “who gets what” there are other factors that the Court would take into consideration, including, any property that each of the individuals acquired before the marriage (“non matrimonial property”) and the needs of the couple’s 4 children.

However, on the face of it Mrs Bezos would be looking at receiving an equal share of the $137 billion.

Undoubtedly, this is a complex case and the laws of the State in America will apply – it will be interesting to see how the case goes as the couple each try to protect their position.

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