Lawshare is a free referral scheme and support network for lawyers

We have operated Lawshare since 2011 and it is the tried and tested way for Lawyers and Law firms to get their client advice when they are unable to assist.

Lawshare member firms can refer work to JMW in any area of law when they are unable to deal with an enquiry from a client. This could be due to a conflict, if the matter falls outside their area of expertise or if there is a capacity issue.

Members receive profit share in most referrals and more importantly are always provided with an absolute assurance that JMW will only act for their client in the referred case. This means Lawshare members safeguard their client relationships, generate extra income and always ensure their clients get the advice they need.

We currently have over 700 member law firms who trust Lawshare to service their client when they can’t.

The scheme is completely free to join and provides a host of member benefits.

The Benefits of Membership

  • Profit Share in referred matters
  • Commission payments for recommendations in Personal Injury work
  • Client Retention Assurance
  • Free CPD training, webinars and events
  • Simple referral processes
  • Unrivalled service standards and management information
  • Access to Lawsave and supplier discounts
  • Competitive fees for your clients
  • Opportunity for free work referrals
  • The ability to knowledge share with a top 100 law firm and the Lawshare network

Lawshare Conference 2023 highlights

Who should use Lawshare?

Lawshare has been created for lawyers and firms of any size that want to offer high quality legal services across all areas of law, not just those in which they have a specialism.

We deal with sole practitioners through to multi-site 50+ partner firms. We can work with firms who specialise in one area or multi-disciplinary firms that just have one area that they do not cater for.

With Lawshare, firms can meet clients’ needs and expectations without the risk of losing business to a competing firm or undermining their reputation for quality and service.

Our profit share rates in referred cases ensure that you benefit as well as your client.

How do I get involved?

There is no joining fee or associated cost to law firms who join Lawshare. Simply contact Stuart Cartwright or a member of the team and we’ll get the ball rolling – whether you have an initial enquiry or a matter to refer.

Firms can be up and running in a matter of minutes via a simple call or email to or Call 0345 894 9497. Alternatively get in touch via the contact form on this page.