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JMW highlights issues with cauda equina syndrome care in Daily Mail article

Yesterday an article highlighting issues with care for cauda equina syndrome (CES) sufferers that I contributed to was published in the Daily Mail. You can read the article on the Daily Mail website here (external link).

As head of medical negligence at JMW and a specialist cauda equina syndrome solicitor I am currently helping numerous men and women whose lives have been devastated by poor treatment of this condition.

They have been left permanently debilitated by the poor care they endured and nothing can be done to change that. However I am helping them to challenge the mistakes that were made and secure the compensation they need to be able to cope with the disabilities they have been left with.

Most are unable to work and will have significant care needs for the rest of their lives. Frequently people who have been diagnosed with CES suffer the breakdown of their relationship due to the pressure that it creates.

One of these clients is Claire Thornber whose story was the main focus of the Daily Mail article. Claire bravely told her story to the health pages of the newspaper to raise awareness of cauda equina syndrome and the support service that she has set up.

The errors in Claire's case are common ones. She suffered delays in diagnosis and there was a lack of appreciation of the need for urgency when the red flag signs of CES appeared. However with adequate care she could have recovered and led a normal life.

Claire will never be able to turn back the clock and nothing can be done to repair the damage the delays she faced caused. However she has established the Cauda Equina Syndrome Association (CESA) to help other people like her access the help and support they need and to raise awareness of CES, the need for urgent treatment and its devastating impact on lives.

Claire is doing vital work with CESA and she is making a real difference to the lives of CES sufferers up and down the country.

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