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Keep Fighting Michael

Whether or not you're an F1 fan, you cannot help but be moved by the tragic story of Michael Schumacher, who has spent months in a medically induced coma following a severe head injury he sustained in a skiing accident.  

Following on from reports that he was in a waking up state, in April, further positive news came this week, as newspapers across the globe reported the F1 superstar was making progress in his recovery, and had communicated with medical staff by nodding and blinking.  Schumacher has now been transferred to Lausanne university hospital in Switzerland, closer to his family home and the support that has flooded in for him since he was first admitted to hospital has been phenomenal.  

Understandably, Schumacher's family have asked that their privacy be respected, and other than this headline information, little has been released to the public that would allow us to make a comprehensive assessment of his current medical state, or progress on recovery.  

In my last blog, I wrote about the importance of establishing liability after an accident such as this, so that the appropriate legal case could be put in place.  

When dealing with a head injury victim, what is vital is ensuring that patients are in receipt of good and rapid medical treatment, and put on a comprehensive recovery programme, to enable them to work back towards their pre-accident state.  As part of a support team, I've watched head injury victims grow in strength and flourish, thanks to the groundwork put in place by fast-acting first responders, and then the guidance of a talented clinical team, including neurosurgeons, nurses, therapists and case workers.  

Friends and families can also provide vital support during the recovery process, with their presence and encouragement often cited as being the clincher that helps a head injury victim achieve the next stage in their recovery process.  

Making a personal injury claim when you or a loved one has suffered from a head injury can be key in securing the best possible medical treatment at the earliest possible stage.  That's because your lawyer will be able to work with the ones responsible for the accident to secure financial assistance to help pay for private medical care, and an immediate needs assessment.  This helps to remove many elements of stress that naturally accompany an accident of this nature, and allows the victim of a head trauma, and their families, to focus on the important job of working towards that recovery. 

I sincerely hope that Michael Schumacher continues to be the fearsome fighter that he has proven to be throughout his F1 career and makes a comprehensive recovery.  

Should you want to find out more about my experience in working with head injury victims and their families, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me on or on 0800 054 6750.  

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