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Lady Gaga Gives Visibility to the Invisible Condition; Fibromyalgia.

In a yet to be aired documentary, Gaga: Five Foot Two, Lady Gaga reveals that she has been suffering with the chronic illness, fibromyalgia, which can cause pain all over the body.  She has had the condition since 2013, but is only discussing it publically now. 

For those who aren’t aware, fibromyalgia is a debilitating chronic pain condition that leaves sufferers in near constant pain or discomfort. It can cause pain all over the body, from the neck to lower back and knees. Other common symptoms fibromyalgia sufferers can experience include chronic fatigue, mood swings, bowel and bladder issues, numbness and cognitive dysfunction.  Although the exact reason why people suffer from fibromyalgia is unknown, there are various schools of thought on what could trigger it, such as a physically or emotionally stressful event, such as a road traffic accident, or it could possibly be a hereditary condition.  You can view our helpful infographic on fibromyalgia here.

The international superstar revealed on Twitter that she would like to “help raise awareness and connect people who have it”, which is obviously great to hear from someone so well-known across the world for the silent sufferers of the invisible disability.


Following her post, fans reached out to the star on Twitter, clearly thankful for the public post about the condition.  Fans shared stories of their own fibromyalgia pain with the singer, to which she shared her own home remedies to manage the pain, including elected heated blankets and Epsom baths.  She ended by saying that she hopes “more and more people come forward and we can all share what helps/hurts so we can help each other”.


Awareness of the condition remains low, despite the fact it can, and very often does, have a serious impact on a person’s life.  JMW are fortunate to have lawyers who specialise in the condition and have helped the sufferers of fibromyalgia claim compensation following a non-fault accident which has caused the condition.


If you have had a non-fault accident and are suffering with fibromyalgia, you can contact us here at JMW a number of ways.  You can call us on 0800 054 6078, complete our online form, or email me direct on

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