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Why choosing the right solicitor is the most important decision you make with personal injury

I'm sure it will sound self-serving to say this, but I cannot stress the importance of choosing the right lawyer to handle any claim for personal injury that you embark upon.  If you have a complex claim to make, you must find a solicitor that has demonstrable experience in working on behalf of clients who have suffered injuries comparable to your own.  They will be able to provide guidance at every step of the case, make sure that the injured party is placed at the centre of a strong support team to enable them to make as full a recovery as possible, and work to secure the best possible settlement.  

This was reinforced to me recently as I took on a new client, referred to me by a colleague working in a different department at JMW.  The case had originally been handled by a different firm of solicitors, who, it was felt, were not doing a good enough job.  

My client was involved in a car accident and suffered whiplash injuries, as well as headaches and some shock symptoms.  On the face of it, this would mean that the client would be referred to a road traffic accident specialist.  However, what the original lawyer working on the case failed to deal with was the matter of the client suffering from non-epileptic seizures.  This has been an unfortunate development my client has been subject to after the accident, and on examination of the case, it is clear that the seizures are related to the car accident.  

These seizures have meant that my client is unable to work, has suffered a profound loss of confidence and a radical life shift.  Clearly this client's case requires the expertise of someone working at senior level, who is intimately familiar with the intricacies and difficulties faced when dealing with injuries at this level.  Unfortunately a number of months had already passed by the time I took over the case and no rehabilitation package was in place.  Swift action needed to be taken on behalf of the client including; a full immediate needs assessment, request from the defendant's insurance firm for a interim payment and proper medical assessments with appropriate experts.  

The defendant's insurance firm had also made an insultingly low offer to settle the case, without having had sight of any medical evidence.  I'm not going to use this blog as a forum to vent my frustrations at the questionable practices of some insurance firms who clearly value swift settlement and profit over an individual's wellbeing, but this is another reason why an individual needs to ensure they have the appropriate lawyer working on their case.  A good lawyer will not only work hard to ensure their client is making a good recovery, but protect them from the often dubious actions of insurance firms.  

Clients shouldn't have to deal with the machinations of defendant insurers, nor be in a position where they are receiving anything less than the best advice regarding their legal case.  It should be the solicitor who is fighting those battles on their behalf and providing the best possible advice, in order to enable the client to focus on making a full and healthy recovery.  

Should you or your loved ones be involved in a compensation claim at the moment, and you don't think you're getting the best from your lawyer, I'd be happy to have a no-obligation chat about your claim.  You can get in touch with me on 0800 054 6570, or email me  

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