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10th June 2016


What is your team business highlight of the last 12 months?

There have been quite a few. On the Respondent side, we've enjoyed some significant tribunal wins for employers in recent months. On the Claimant side, the City Link win is our most recent example where we succeeded on behalf of several hundred employees.

What can we expect from your department in the next 12 months?

We're working with some exciting clients already, including TJ Morris Limited and LWC, and we've got some exciting developments planned.

Manchester is absolutely buzzing with networking events, conferences and awards ceremonies. What are the events that you are most looking forward to in the business calendar?

That's a tough one. We're looking forward to the ProManchester Retail and E-commerce sector lunch which is on 28 June at Innside. We look forward to discussing hot topics such as #BHS #Sportsdirect #zerohours contracts and the consultation on the National Innovation Plan which is where views have been canvassed on whether the practice of imposing non-competes is a barrier to innovation and prevents start-up businesses from prospering.

Who in the department is:

The joker: Wendy And Lyndsey tag team funny ;-P However, Ian is the master of wit and cracker jokes.

The disciplinarian: Liz of course ;-D

The athlete: Helen spin queen, and Liz training for her first triathlon

The party animal: Jen, our social butterfly

The boffin: Laura, our book worm.

If your team was a TV family, which one would it be and why?

The Royle Family - we would like to think we are all normal people with a Northern wit and great camaraderie with one another!

What's the most obscure hobby amongst the team?

Wendy our secretary collects 70's and 80's vintage Sindy dolls and restores and customises them!

What would your team anthem or motto be?

Motto, 'Do what is right not what is easy!'


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