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12th August 2016

This week we asked our Lawshare team questions to give you an insight into the work they so and the team.

So, Caroline..

Tell us, in no more than 30 words, what your team does.

The Lawshare team works with a network of over 270 Law firms in the North West generating work for JMW all whilst enabling our members to provide a full service offering to their clients.

What is your team business highlight of the last 12 months?

We've had a few. Our first ever conference in September 2015 was a great achievement. We had over 70 partners from law firms join us along with our Lawsave partners for our first event which covered law firm management with high calibre speakers from across the sector.

We also managed to increase our fee income by 50% and also our membership by 25%. So a great year!

What can we expect from your department in the next 12 months?

We are running our 2nd Conference in September and have already had an amazing response from our members and Lawsave partners. We also want to increase our membership! We are starting to work with all the local Law Societies to see how we can get involved with them and their projects.

We are always adding to our support services for members and are hoping to launch a Compliance Service with the assistance of JMW's Head of Compliance Adam Entwistle who will be on hand to assist firms with any compliance issues.

Manchester is absolutely buzzing with networking events, conferences and awards ceremonies. What are the events that you are most looking forward to in the business calendar?

Each of us attends very different events. We generally attend a lot of the Law Society events and local legal seminars run by the local Professional groups. The Manchester Legal Awards is always a fantastic event. We are also big fans of the JCI Manchester Programme and look forward to their monthly events and of course the annual Manchester Young Talent Awards.

Who in the department is:

The joker: Stuart

The disciplinarian: Stuart

The athlete: Stuart

The party animal: Stuart

The boffin: Stuart

Which reality TV show would your team sign up to?

Man v Food!

What's the most obscure hobby amongst the team?

Pretty Eclectic we cover knitting, horse riding, 5 a side

What would your team anthem or motto be?

Never say never!

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