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Patient dissatisfaction with NHS services at a record high

It has recently been reported following a British Social Attitudes survey that dissatisfaction with the NHS has risen to 29% with only 65% of people being happy with GP services, the lowest figure ever recorded.

It seems that with  increasing pressures being placed on services they are running at breaking point all year round. With an increased number of patients seeking assistance and  limited resources patients are waiting longer for appointments. National research has found the number of patients waiting at least a week for a GP appointment has risen by almost one third in three years.  It is commonly felt that as a result of inadequate funding patients are not being provided with essential services and prompt access to medical professionals.

A shortage in GP’s has also been reported with not enough GP’s to meet demand which inevitably puts patient safety at risk.

Recent news reports have highlighted that the problem does not end with GP’s. Urgent operations have too been cancelled due to staff and bed shortages. Figures of up to a 1000 cancelled ‘URGENT’ operations have been reported, putting patients at risk. It appears the problem has been compounded by a lack of investment in social care and health services in the community, which if adequately funded may prevent patients becoming critically ill and prevent a number of A&E admissions.

Medical experts have stated that the failure to treat people before they become acutely unwell is “symptomatic of an entirely congested and underfunded system”.

The NHS does not have the capacity to meet year round demand on its services and with patients bearing the brunt of this unfortunate situation patient safety has never more been at risk.

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