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Stop sepsis fight goes on during Sepsis Awareness Month

September is Sepsis Awareness Month and campaigners worldwide are aiming to raise the profile of the signs of this deadly condition to improve detection rates and save lives.

These campaigners range from medical professionals and lawyers who are frustrated by the sometimes poor standard of care sepsis sufferers receive to families who have suffered the unimaginable horror of losing a loved one in such circumstances. Organisations such as the Sepsis Trust and Sepsis Alliance are a partnership of these different people; all working together to find a way of stopping the worst effects of sepsis at a time when its incidence rate is rising. Sepsis starts out as an infection that can be as minor as a cut finger or cold. Sepsis is an abnormal immune system response that causes it to attack its own tissues and organs, shutting them down.

Sepsis ruthlessly preys on the vulnerable with many babies and toddlers falling victim. However with early intervention and treatment it can be beaten and death and lifelong disabilities can be prevented. That’s what Sepsis Awareness Month is all about, highlighting the symptoms and pushing the fact that is can happen to anyone and escalate very quickly. This is of most importance for medical professionals who may not have previously fully taken on board how an illness that can start out vague and seemingly harmless can quickly claim a patient’s life. However for families having this knowledge is also key then they know when to seek medical advice and push for treatment.

For our part we have dealt with, or are currently representing, numerous families affected by sepsis and have seen how it can ruin lives if a patient is fobbed off when they have the early symptoms. We challenge the failures and help give families financial security by obtaining compensation but unfortunately we do see the same mistakes being made again and again. These mistakes include not recognising the early signs, not performing adequate checks and examinations and giving poor or non-existent advice to patients.

For this reason we produced content for our website, including an animation that promotes the symptoms, particularly in children as they cannot tell anyone how they are feeling. You can view it here and familiarise yourself with the symptoms. Please scroll down to view the symptoms and animation. 

Sepsis Awareness is vitally important and the only way that the high death rates it produces can be tackled.

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