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"With the greatest respect... stop rambling on"

The Right Honourable Lady Justice Rafferty has called for an end to the long phrases which are repeatedly used in court rooms.

Lady Rafferty is chairwoman of the Judicial College which is the establishment responsible for training judges. The Judge made reference to 2 sentences which had been timed. She compared a 34 minute long sentence hearing, concerning two men who were receiving five and seven years in jail for GBH with ‘eight minutes of pure gold to say everything necessary’ in a murder case. Advocates in the court room often use phrases such as ‘my learned friend’ and ‘it is suggested that’.

On the other hand, there is the argument that these phrases are in line with tradition and we should upkeep this practice. As most of you know, judges have worn wigs and robes for around 300 years… So should we rock the court room now and switch things up? It will be interesting to see if these archaic phrases stay or go.

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