UK Visa Application & Document Checking Service

If you are applying for a UK visa but are worried about whether or not you have filled out the application form correctly or submitted all the correct supporting documents, use JMW Solicitors’ UK Visa Application & Document Checking Service today.

Our highly skilled immigration lawyers will check every aspect of your application and supporting documents to ensure they are correct, so you are in good stead of a visa being granted. We will then have a consultation with you to discuss any errors you might have made or any amendments we feel are necessary to strengthen your application.

Investing in this online service means you can significantly reduce your costs compared to paying upfront for a comprehensive visa application service, especially if you feel comfortable with completing the application forms yourself.

Once you have made a purchase for this service, you will be invited to submit your documents for review within 48 hours. Shortly after, you will be invited to attend a consultation to run through your application..

UK visa applications covered by the document checking service include:

Visa Applications

Is This Service Right for Me?

This is not necessarily the right path for all visa applications, and should only be considered by those who are confident and comfortable to make an application alone.

If you have previously been through the visa application process and it was unsuccessful, we are able to review your application and supporting documents if you wish to reapply.  

What Happens Next?

Once you have purchased a document check, you will receive a link to upload your application and supporting documents. If your application is online, we will require your login details in order to check beforehand that you have correctly uploaded your documents and that they meet the required quality standards. Do not submit the application prior to your appointment.

It is vital that all the information you provide to us is accurate, or you run the risk of your application not being properly presented. 

We will work to review the application form and documents within 48 hours, and before scheduling a video call with you. During the call, we will review the application together, answer any queries and assess the merits of your application. This will be followed by a client care letter.  

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