What are the challenges of an international workforce?

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What are the challenges of an international workforce?

We know that managing a global workforce has many challenges, and our clients need clear, commercial solutions that cut through the technicalities, barriers and frustrations that can so often be faced when dealing with multiple local jurisdictions.

In our experience, these include:

  • Inconsistencies between legal advice (both in quality and approach) received from local lawyers (whether this is with the same global law firm using its local branch offices or multiple independent law firms). Most commonly, overly legalistic answers that are hard to interpret and implement in practice;  
  • Disjointed advice on multi-jurisdictional projects that require a consistent, strategic approach to achieve the project’s goals;
  • Having to proactively manage multiple matters across a number of jurisdictions, using multiple legal advisers, but not having the management time or resource;
  • Significant fees without receiving the commercial advice that is really needed, in the timescale set;
  • Local law firms not understanding the key business drivers behind the strategy that needs to be adopted, and the balance that needs to be struck between local legal compliance and achieving the client’s objective.

Why choose us?

Our clients tell us that our international service creates efficiencies for their business, including in relation to legal spend, as it tends to save time and money on international HR issues and projects. This is because the assistance that we provide ensures that they get to their end goals more quickly, and with less back and forth between HR and legal, than would otherwise would be the case.

In addition, the feedback that we have had from our clients is that we have added significant value by supporting global HR teams to develop their knowledge of international HR management, we issue-spot, and pick up on trends and learning points. This means that, over time, HR are less likely to need our support for day-to-day international issues.

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