Commercial Litigation: What new JMW clients can expect

3rd April 2012 Commercial

The world economic climate is giving rise to ever more serious commercial disputes. For any commercial dispute involving significant financial impact or loss, I strongly recommend those affected seek specialist commercial litigation legal advice at the earliest opportunity. Attempts to resolve such disputes without specialist legal knowledge can all too easily cause positions to become prejudiced and adversely affected in law.

For businesses and individuals who have never before been involved in a serious commercial dispute, I suspect there can sometimes be apprehension towards seeking specialist legal advice, and caution in who to approach.

Therefore I want to give an outline of what you can expect when bringing your matter to JMW.

JMW's perspective on all commercial litigation matters is one of commercial pragmatism, with the best interests of our clients in mind. With all new matters we carefully review the facts and evidence, then objectively assess the merits of a client's position in law.

Where we determine there is a commercial claim to be brought, or defended, we have particular expertise in identifying the very best approach to take, tailored to our client's objectives.

We then advise our clients on the legal position and the strategy we propose to take to resolve their matter, with a realistic estimate of our costs and timescales.

JMW always moves to resolve commercial disputes as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, and at the very earliest opportunity. This can include taking early pre-action steps without the need for litigation, and considering all options for alternative dispute resolution methods, both before and during any court proceedings.

When the circumstances permit we also take advantage of many other resources and mechanisms in law; for protecting the positions of our clients, and to focus the other side's attention on resolving matters satisfactorily.

In this way the majority of claims brought by JMW settle out-of-court, with commercially favourable results for our clients.

Similarly, in cases we defend, we work to achieve the most commercially viable and realistic outcome for our clients. We take a particularly robust approach to settlement in circumstances where we are able to firmly establish our clients have no real case to answer, such as claims brought which are speculative, spurious or seriously flawed.

JMW has a long and proud track record of successes in resolving commercial litigation disputes for our clients. On a personal level, I take real satisfaction in achieving commercially successful results on behalf of my clients, where otherwise they may have been left significantly and unfairly disadvantaged.


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