The Benefits of Specialist Financial Crime Legal Representation

Evan Wright of JMW discusses how specialist legal representation for financial crime cases can benefit you.

Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Evan Wright, partner in the business crime and regulation department at JMW Solicitors.

I specialise in financial crime cases - I represent individuals and corporations in serious fraud, corruption, confiscation, restraint and asset recovery cases.

Specialist representation can be critical in advancing your cause and you need solicitors in counsel who can deal robustly with a full range of complex legal and factual issues.

Whether your case is privately or publicly-funded, you need to know that your lawyers can deal confidently with your kind of case on a regular basis.

Please look at our profile at We don't act in every single case but I can certainly have an initial discussion, without obligation, and if we can help, then we certainly will.

If you're unsure about what to expect from your case, or you want to know what's possible, you might want to watch the information videos I'll be posting over the coming months.

These short presentations will answer some of the common questions and explain difficulties I've had to deal with over a fairly lengthy and interesting career in what is a rather complex area of the law.

In many cases I've dealt with, a simple phone call from a new client has saved good character and reputation. In many more, that call has saved the client an awful lot of money.

My name is Evan Wright and you can find me and my colleagues at or on Twitter @EvanWright 100. Thank you for watching.

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