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The commercial litigation team writes articles on legislation and our law services to give our clients a better understanding of what we can do for them.

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In commercial disputes, especially in construction and building industry cases, it is important to instruct a solicitor as soon as possible. Find out why in this article.

Some contracts automatically renew at the end of their term. Businesses and individuals should make sure they understand their contracts and formally cancel them to ensure no ongoing commitments.

Earlier this month the Justice Secretary, Ken Clarke, announced that the ban on filming in courts will soon be overturned to “improve public understanding of the justice system”. But why have a TV ban in the first place?

Mediation is a confidential dispute resolution process whereby an independent third person tries to bridge the gaps between parties and reach a negotiated settlement before a dispute goes to trial. However, JMW recently helped guide a client through the mediation process nearly a year after a trial!

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