Standard Terms and Conditions

Most commercial contracts that are entered into (whether for the supply of goods or services) are on the basis of one party’s standard terms and conditions. Whether this is the buyer’s standard terms of purchase or the seller’s standard terms of supply, they are often used without either party thinking about it.

Often tucked away on the back page of purchase orders or order forms, these terms and conditions can provide protection for a business in its sales or purchasing processes, so it’s worthwhile reviewing them to make sure they accurately reflect how you trade with your customers or suppliers.

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Why Choose JMW?

Our team is able to help you tailor your terms and conditions so they:

  • offer the maximum protection for you and your business
  • accurately reflect the processes that you actually use
  • ensure you have some recourse if things go wrong

However good your standard terms and conditions may be, unless you know how to ensure they apply to the contract, they may be of limited value. Our team provides practical advice, drawing on our experience to design processes to ensure that your terms apply to the contract.

Equally, our team can work with you to review standard terms and conditions that other parties may provide to identify key clauses that may expose your business to risk. We can work with you to negotiate a change in the terms and conditions to remove this risk.

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Tailoring your terms and conditions to ensure they safeguard your business as thoroughly as possible can be a complex process. It is therefore essential you seek expert help to ensure everything is completed correctly. Speak to our expert team about business terms and conditions today by calling us on 0345 872 6666, or allow us to get in touch with you by filling in the online enquiry form on this page.

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