Corporate Defence Services

JMW Protect provides a full range of corporate defence services to defend you and your business in the event of an investigation. We can offer not just experienced solicitors, but also forensic accountants, investigators, and forensic technology experts to ensure that you have the strongest possible team behind you should you ever need us.

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About Corporate Defence

Corporate defence covers a range of services designed to protect your business from threats such as fraud, commercial disputes, security issues, physical destruction, cyber crime, and regulatory investigations.

When preventative measures cannot mitigate a threat, defending your business requires the best possible team of solicitors, with a nuanced understanding of regulatory law, backed up with forensic evidence obtained by trained experts with an in-depth understanding of accountancy and the ability to trace records whether in print or electronically.

JMW Protect brings together that legal experience with specialist investigators to ensure that you have the best defence possible.


JMW offers multi-award winning services from nationally recognised leaders in areas relevant to all aspects of management liability. With over 35 years of experience defending individual and corporate clients in complex cases, JMW is best placed to build a team around your requirements. You can be confident that 'full service' means exactly that. 

The addition of JMW’s Lawshare network also brings a unique aspect to the service. The team can draw upon expertise in niche areas from many hundreds of lawyers across the network. With JMW at the centre of an enormous pool of talent, your case will receive the most effective representation available.


The forensic accountants, investigators and security risk consultants available to you through JMW Protect can help identify, resolve or mitigate complex commercial challenges all over the world. They have extensive experience advising on issues from fraud, commercial disputes, asset tracing and litigation support, as well as security risk assessment, planning and crisis management.

JMW Protect clients have access to an unrivalled range of services to address complex investigation and risk mitigation requirements.


Our forensic technology experts demonstrate unrivalled experience in leading a wide variety of technical challenges, both large and small, complex and straightforward. Defending against cyber-crime is one of the real commercial challenges of the 21st century and technology audits are fast becoming a prerequisite. We can discover the information you need to evaluate a situation, undertake an investigation, prepare a defence or respond to a disclosure request. Specific services include:

  • e-Disclosure services which include a thorough search of your electronic records, including recovered deleted data, collection and storage of relevant data for use in a format that can be used as legal evidence.
  • Consulting including computer forensic investigations and mobile phone forensic investigations
  • Web-review database services,  including electronic fraud pattern analysis, data mining and database analysis, system security assessments and cyber-crime defence.


Whether your business requires specialist advocacy or advice as part of a specific project, investigation or before the tribunals and courts, JMW has offered expert advocacy services during more than 35 years in the business. We have engaged the most talented advocates in the most complex cases and we are proud of our ability to identify the most suitable advocates to assist your business.

Why Choose JMW Protect?

JMW Protect is a risk management solution offering a comprehensive corporate defence service to look after your best interests and help you should you find yourself in need of specialist help to defend your business against an external or internal threat.

Our team consists of solicitors, accountants, technology experts and investigators and we can call upon a wide network of specialists to help prepare a case on your behalf.

Once you engage JMW Protect you have one place to call should your business need help as our service combines the best of our legal team with experts in related disciplines to help prepare  your defence.

Learn more about our cyber protection services. 

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