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Food Safety and Labelling

The JMW professional and corporate regulation team gives advice on all aspects of the law relating to food safety and labelling to ensure your business is compliant with legislation and prepared for inspection at any time. The Food Standards Agency and local authorities are both responsible for keeping food safe for public consumption.

The legislation ensures that:

  • Businesses do not include anything in food, remove anything from food or treat food in any way that means it would be damaging to the health of people eating it;
  • The business serves or sells food of the nature, substance or quality in which consumers would expect; and
  • The food is labelled, advertised and presented in a way that is not false or misleading.

If you fail to comply with any of the points above when inspected, you could be at risk of sentencing for food safety offences, under guidelines that were introduced in 2016. If you own a food business that has been inspected and is subject to an Improvement Notice or Prohibition Notice, or if you have been summoned to court, our solicitors can represent you.

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How JMW Can Help

Our experts in professional regulation and corporate compliance will guide you through all aspects of the law to ensure your business does not fall foul of regulations. If you are faced with a notice or court summons, we will defend and protect you, your food business and its reputation.

We have offices in London’s financial district and in the heart of Manchester, with an experienced team to help you.

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