Fraud and Corruption Investigations

JMW Protect can help your business defend itself from fraud and corruption whether you suspect an internal problem and want to conduct your own investigation or whether you are under the scrutiny of a regulatory agency. Our comprehensive service brings together specialist lawyers, forensics experts and investigators to help you uncover internal incidents of business crime and trace the details.

Whether this involves defending against allegations of corporate wrong doing, launching a private prosecution or undertaking a civil fraud asset recovery case, our expert lawyers can provide guidance every step of the way.

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About Fraud and Corruption

When a business or an employee within a business practises deception for the purpose of financial gain, often in violation of the law, this is considered fraud. In many instances, even where the fraud is an act by one or more individuals without the knowledge or consent of a business, the business itself may be liable. In some instances, a business may find itself caught up in allegations of fraud as a result of being involved unknowingly in a transaction with a guilty party.

Corporate fraud and corruption covers a range of activities from tax fraud and insurance fraud to false accounting, bribery and ponzi schemes. Business fraud is considered a serious crime and when regulators suspect a business of fraud, they act quickly and decisively to seize assets and make arrests, often harming reputations and severely damaging businesses.

It is important to ensure that your business is always on the right side of the law, so that when you suspect a problem, acting swiftly can not only prevent a lengthy external investigation, it can save your reputation.

Read more about specific types of serious fraud.

Internal Investigations and Asset Protection

The corporate investigation landscape is changing, particularly since the recent introduction to the UK of The Deferred Prosecution Agreement and a new attitude towards the prosecution of serious fraud and corruption. More organisations are being encouraged to self-report wrongdoing within the business and careful consideration must be given to all factors influencing that decision. Consequently, you may need to commission an internal investigation or pursue the recovery of assets whilst receiving advice on the risk of prosecution.

JMW Protect can build a team around the problem to give you the best available advice.

Investigation by the Regulator

If you are responding to an investigation initiated by the SFO, FCA or other regulatory authority, early access to the appropriate expertise can be critical in protecting your business. The JMW Protect team has extensive experience in all areas of corporate investigations, having been instrumental in detecting and investigating in major corporate crime cases, sometimes resulting in the recovery of multi-million pound losses. Some of our case can be read here.

Our specialisms include:

  • Investigative Due Diligence and Business Intelligence, including fraud investigations and regulatory compliance advice
  • Brand Protection including asset, people and information tracing, corruption enquiries and covert surveillance and electronic countermeasures

We provide clarity and insight to unravel complex scenarios and our meticulously supported findings provide the evidence necessary to protect and enhance your interests. In all cases involving management liability, our approach is to rapidly and unobtrusively establish the facts and place our client in the most advantageous position possible.

Why Choose JMW Protect?

Whether you need up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive intelligence on corporations or individuals worldwide, incisive and rapid response to suspected irregularities or frauds, to trace assets or specialist resources to support complex litigation, we can provide the solution.

JMW Protect offers a comprehensive fraud and corporate investigation protection service that can help you build a strategy to prevent and protect you from fraud and then defend you should the worst occur.

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