The Importance of Case Supervison in Criminal Defence

Evan Wright discusses issues relating to case supervision in criminal defence and its implications for legal aid.

Video Transcript

I think there is nowadays a tendency for a lot of lawyers in mid-tier cases, where they are dealing with standard fee legal aid matters, to deal with them their own.

I think, as you'll see as we go through the other topics, that reputation is going to become much more important over the coming years because of what we think the legal services commission in particular, and the government are going to do to the availability of legal aid.

This is not only for those regular defendents, if you can call them that, but also those directors and officers that are relying upon, or having to rely upon I think over the coming years more on directors and officers insurance policies.

Case supervision is something that the insurance companies have over the last few months looked at very closely in conjunction with the Ministry of Justice, the government generally and the solicitors and counsel that provide legal services in directors and officers cases. By that I mean offenses prosecuted under the Companies Act, more of the regulatory offenses - the kind of offenses where you are likely to be instructed by solicitors. Everyone is looking very closely at how those cases are being supervised.

I think solicitors many here today need to be very wary of trying to break into this market when they are not properly supervising cases.

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