Dentistry industry regulation and disciplinary proceedings

All dentists in the UK are regulated by the General Dental Council, a body tasked with setting standards and taking action against medical professionals who breach laws and regulation. All UK dentists must register with the GDC.

If the GDC makes allegations or investigates a practice or a specific dentist the consequences can be severe – dentists can be struck off, or face hearings that seriously damage their professional reputation and ability to work.

If you are facing investigation by the GDC contact our specialist solicitors for advice on how best to proceed. JMW Solicitors is a leading body in this area and we have varied experience in defending dental professionals against charges of all kinds. To find out more contact us today on 0800 652 5559.

Misconduct investigations

Dentists can be investigated for a range of breaches of the regulations of the sector. We have acted on cases involving:

  • Poor performance
  • Criminal behaviour
  • Serious misconduct
  • Professionals who are suffering from mental health issues and may be deemed unfit to practice

The General Dental Council regulates dentists as well as clinical dental technicians, hygienists, nurses, technicians and dental and orthodontic therapists.

Contact JMW

If you have been accused of breaching dental regulations it is imperative for you to seek specialist legal advice as soon as possible. With years of experience in dealing with General Dental Council investigations as well as criminal allegations made against dental professionals JMW is best placed to help you.

Call us now for a discussion about your situation and your options - 0800 652 5559.

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