Andy Reid: Improvise, adapt & overcome!

24th March 2020 Armed Forces Claims

One of the hardest things I ever had to do was adapt to new surroundings, going from military to civilian life, a life I had never trained for, a life I had never experienced. This is exactly what your country is now asking of you!

Ask any soldier/veteran/ex-service personnel self-isolating isn’t as bad as it looks, we have been doing it for years for months at a time. Whether that be patrolling, keeping a distance between each bloke as not to become a single target, being confined to small spaces and at times unable to go outside the wire.

Being unable to see family, friends, if there was a fatality all communications were restricted until the next of kin had been notified. If one of the guys got D&V they would have to isolate in a private compound/tent away from everyone.

Limited food supply, imagining what that first bite of McDonald’s will be like when home! Lack of toilet rolls those were good times, times that allow you to reflect, learn about yourself, learn something new, with the lockdown in place, trust me you will adapt and we will get through this as a nation like we have done for many times before.

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