Andy Reid's Top 10 Tips to Leaving the Armed Forces

23rd April 2019 Armed Forces Claims

Going back to civilian life can be daunting and some people might not know where to start and what they should prepare for when they are discharged.

Here are my top 10 tips for what you should do when preparing to leave the forces:

  1. Don’t leave anything till the last few months! The key to getting the best start to your new civilian life is to plan early, the earlier the better. It’s not just a new start for you but also your family.
  2. Think about where you are going to live. What’s the employment opportunities in that area like? What’s the housing like in that area? Is there provision for veterans?
  3. Make sure you’re personal papers are in order how old is your military will? Are you still leaving everything to your parents instead of your partner?
  4. If you’re no longer in a relationship and you’re moving areas to secure employment are there arrangements to continue to see your children in place?
  5. Go to as many recruitment fairs and job fairs as possible.
  6. Don’t be afraid to do a job that is not maybe your long term plan but you can gain experience and contacts, networking on civilian street is key.
  7. Make sure you get everything you are entitled to i.e. leave, all your travel claims and most importantly career transition workshop course if nothing else it will get your CV sorted.
  8. Get your CV in order and try and translate it to civilian speak so the employer understands the qualifications that you have and the skills you can bring to their business.
  9. Remain open minded about what’s out there. There are lots of opportunities and some employers will up skill you to meet there requirements.
  10. Speak to friends who are already out of the Forces and get as much advice as possible from people who have been though the process or who are going through it.
  11. JMW provide a wide range of legal services that can help you when leave the forces. If you require any legal assistance please contact a member of our knowledgeable team.

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