Accident and Emergency Negligence Case Studies

  • Negligent Treatment of Human Bite Infection - £25,000

    Simon, 22 years old

    A laceration caused by human teeth on Simon's knuckles was not treated correctly at his local hospital. As a result it became infected and he now suffers from arthritis.

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  • Elbow Fracture - £1,100

    Mandy, 11 years old, Staffordshire

    Mandy was performing gymnastics with she fell on to her left arm (she was right handed). She heard a crack when she fell and was sure she had broken it. Her parents took her to A&E where an x-ray was taken.

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  • Foot Fracture - £5,000

    Carol, 65 years old, Warwick

    Carol fell down the stairs at home and injured her foot one morning. After two days the foot was still painful so she attended the local A&E department. She told Doctors that she had osteoporosis and they took an x-ray of the foot but no injury was found.

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  • Ruptured Tendon in Knee - £250,000

    Jim, 51 years old

    Jim fell down his stairs early one morning. He landed with his left leg outstretched and his right leg bent underneath him. He felt immediate pain in his left knee and hip.

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  • Missed Scaphoid Fracture - £232,500

    Stuart, 29 years old, Leicester

    Stuart was working as a Prison Officer when he fell playing football and injured his right wrist. He attended his local A+E Department that day where a series of X-rays, which did not include scaphoid views, were taken. The X-rays were reviewed by a Consultant Radiologist who failed to find an injury.

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