Are Midwives Receiving the Support They Need?

Midwives are required to perform an often stressful and always demanding role. They are in a unique position that combines the almost-unparalleled reward of delivering a new life into the world with the overwhelming pressure of looking after patients during one of the most important moments of their lives.

With such a huge responsibility, you could be forgiven for thinking midwives are provided with all of the time, resources and support they need to perform their job as well as they possibly can. But is this the case? And might a lack of such provision make them more prone to error?

Our Campaign

We wished to investigate further and, as part of our midwives campaign, have considered four main areas. Click the title to be taken through to the relevant piece:

➢        The Role of a Midwife 

Our blog looks at what is expected of a midwife on a daily basis, and questions whether this is simply too much and whether performance may be compromised.

➢        The Day-to-day Challenges Facing Midwives  

Our visual illustrates the many different challenges midwives face every day, highlighting a vast range of responsibilities and the various specialisms they are expected to master.

➢        The Many Pressures Midwives Face  

Our blog considers the various external pressures that are currently impacting the midwifery profession as a whole, including understaffing and an increasing birth rate, as well as the emotional difficulties that come with the job.

➢        Midwifery Qualifications, Training and Requirements  

Our visual details the many different qualifications, training and skills required for a career in midwifery, highlighting a midwife's expertise in various areas.

Our Findings

Through our campaign we discovered just how difficult it is to become and remain a midwife, to meet the responsibilities of being a midwife and to cope with the pressures that accompany this. It becomes clear that juggling each of these demands, while at the same time performing such a difficult and stressful role and not being provided with the right resources, could well lead to over-worked midwives becoming more prone to error.

Unfortunately, when such mistakes are made, the consequences can be devastating for those involved. To help reduce the risk of things going wrong that could otherwise have been prevented, it is imperative that the conditions in which midwives work allow them to excel in their roles, not struggle. This includes having enough time to spend with each patient, not being restricted by paperwork and other red tape, and not being overstretched due to understaffing.

Until this is a reality, the risk of medical negligence on the part of a midwife will remain high.

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