This is William: A Mother Without A Child in her own words.

14th December 2017 Clinical Negligence


This is William.


William would be four now, he would be excited about Christmas and decorating our Christmas Tree with his little brother. But three years ago, on Sunday 14th December 2014 I woke to find that William had passed away at home. William was one, it was 17 days after his birthday. William will never get to decorate our Christmas tree, he'll never get to unwrap his presents and he'll never get to meet his little brother Arthur, all because of sepsis.

Sepsis, what's that? A question I wish I had known the answer to three years ago. You see, William had been suffering with a cough for several weeks in the lead up to that fateful December day. We had gone back and forth to the doctors, hospital, sought second opinions, yet William had always been diagnosed with a viral infection. When William spiked a really high temperature, was really thirsty but wasn't weeing, had cold hands and feet and was extremely pale we visited a doctor to be told it was viral. Again, the next day when William's temperature plummeted we visited another doctor. When many doctors reassure you that nothing is wrong, you believe them.

William didn't have a viral infection, in fact, he had pneumonia and in those last few days of his life he was fighting sepsis. Bacteria had got in to his blood stream and attacked his organs causing multiple organ failure and ultimately his untimely death at home. Those involved in William's death weren't thinking sepsis, and they didn't tell me about sepsis. I didn't know that the symptoms William was displaying were that of a deadly condition.

We received apologies from the NHS and the government for William's death, but it doesn't bring him back. Somehow, I needed to still be William's mum. I needed to raise awareness, I needed to 'do' something. I didn't want any other family to endure what we do. So many children and adults die in avoidable circumstances from sepsis, when awareness about the condition will save so many lives.

I found the UK Sepsis Trust and joined forces with them to help raise awareness of sepsis amongst the public. The UK Sepsis Trust seeks to change lives and improve the outcomes for survivors of sepsis. We do this by instigating political change, educating healthcare professionals, raising public awareness and providing support for those affected by this devastating condition. We are able to do this because of wonderful supporters like JMW. JMW have most recently collaborated with the UK Sepsis Trust to ensure that leaflets bearing William's story and all the signs and symptoms of sepsis are included in all Bounty packs given to all new parents across the UK. Life-saving information given to the public, right where they need it. I hope by reading William's story you will be more aware of sepsis, and how it affects adults and children, please empower yourselves with the knowledge of what to look out for by reading the symptom cards below or visiting the If you would like to get involved in the fight, please contact me on




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