Case study: Permanent Brain Injury Caused by Major Stroke

Compensation: Six figure sum

Michelle, Lincoln  

JMW successfully acquired a six-figure sum for a woman after inadequate care by medical professionals left her with permanent brain injuries.

Michelle (36) suffered her first ‘mini-stroke’, while visiting her mother with her children. Michelle appeared to have a funny turn for a few seconds and was slurring her speech. Mini-strokes should be taken very seriously as they often act as a warning sign that a major stroke is on its way. 

Her mother recognised the signs of stroke and so was so concerned that she made her an emergency appointment with her GP for later that day. She was examined by the GP who found nothing immediately of note as her symptoms had passed. Nevertheless the GP advised Michelle to go and see her own GP and rang through to obtain an appointment for her that afternoon. 

Michelle’s own GP told her she would need to undergo a blood test and asked her to come back the following morning. However when Michelle returned for the test she had another mini-stroke while waiting in the surgery and one of the doctors advised that she be taken to hospital.

Discharged from hospital

Michelle’s husband was called and he collected her and took her to hospital. She was admitted and the following morning underwent scans of her brain. However later that Friday evening Michelle was discharged, despite the fact that the scans had not been interpreted by a specialist and she had not been given any treatment with aspirin.

Major stroke leading to permanent brain injury

While at home that night Michelle suffered a major stroke and her husband found her hanging out of the bed unable to move. He rushed Michelle to hospital but by this point Michelle had suffered a permanent brain injury that has left her unable to work, with problems reading and writing and suffering from depression.

The claim

Michelle’s case was taken up by one of JMW’s specialist lawyers and it was alleged that the hospital failed to provide adequate care to Michelle. After on-going negotiations the trust eventually agreed to pay Michelle and her family a six-figure compensation settlement to help them to cope with her brain injury.

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