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Press Coverage

  1. The Guardian: Transplant patient wins payout over kidney from donor with cancer


    JMW client Rob Law spoke to the Guardian about the compensation settlement that will help him to rebuild his life after he was given a kidney from a donor with cancer. His solicitor, Eddie Jones, head of medical negligence at JMW, told the Guardian Mr Law had conducted himself with great dignity throughout the case by continuing to speak in favour of organ donation. Read the full article on the Guardian website.

  2. The Yorkshire Post: Kidney transplant patients win NHS apology for cancer blunder

    The JMW medical negligence team is representing Rob Law, who received a cancerous kidney in a transplant. The NHS has admitted negligence and the Yorkshire Post covered the story.

    Read the full story on the Yorkshire Post's website (external link).

  3. Two transplant patients get Cancer from Kidney Donor

    Two transplant patients were given kidneys from a dead donor with an extremely rare form of cancer.

    Read the full story at the Daily Mail Website (external link).

  4. Transplant patients given kidneys from donor with cancer

    An investigation is under way into how two transplant patients were given kidneys from a donor with a rare and aggressive form of cancer.

    Read the Full Story at The Guardian

Press Releases

A man suffering from chronic kidney disease has won an admission of negligence from the NHS after they admitted a failure to communicate the possibility the transplant donor had lymphoma to his transplant team.

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