Misdiagnosis of Giant Cell tumour - £175,000

Ronnie, 42 Sussex

JMW has secured £175,000.00 in compensation for a man following a misdiagnosis of a Giant Cell tumour in his shoulder.

Ronnie, a tree surgeon, suffered an innocuous fall whilst working on a fence, injuring his shoulder.  He was in a disproportionate amount of pain so took himself to the local A+E Department where he underwent an X-ray and was discharged with painkillers. 

Over the next year or so, Ronnie soldiered on but continued to suffer pain and impaired function in the shoulder.  Unfortunately, approximately a year after he was discharged from hospital Ronnie stumbled again and landed on the affected shoulder. 

He went to A+E and was diagnosed with a fracture of his humerus.  It was noted that the fracture had been caused by a Giant Cell tumour which had been present at the time of his original visit to hospital and which had since grown substantially in size.

Had Ronnie been treated at the time of his initial hospital visit he would have required minimally invasive surgery, and would have had a very good outcome.  As a result of the delay he required a shoulder replacement and has been left with significantly abnormal shoulder function such that he can no longer work as a tree surgeon.

The case was settled and Ronnie received a total of £175,000.00 compensation.


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