Case study: Man Loses His Voice Box Due to Negligence

JMW has acquired a £100,000 settlement for a man who lost his voice box due to negligence by medical professionals.

Forty-nine-year-old Jack went to his GP because his voice was becoming hoarse. He was straight away sent to see an ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist who examined him and noted that his left vocal cord looked abnormally thick and reddened. A biopsy was taken but only mild inflammation was seen.

It was thought that the hoarseness was due to overuse of the larynx (vocal cords) and he was sent for a course of speech therapy, but this made little difference

When he was seen in the ENT clinic six months later the cord still looked thickened, but a repeat biopsy was not ordered and he was advised to continue with the speech therapy and another appointment in a few months time would be made for him.

Cancer diagnosis

This appointment was made but Jack was not notified of it and when he next attended the ENT clinic again nearly four months later (and more than a year after his initial consultation) a swelling underneath the left vocal cord was diagnosed as cancer of the larynx.

Because the tumour had progressed beyond a certain stage it could not be treated with radiotherapy and Jack underwent an operation to completely remove his larynx.

The claim

If the tumour had been diagnosed even three months earlier it could have been treated with radiotherapy and the larynx preserved.

Jack now uses a speaking valve, which he finds difficult and he has had to give up his job.


The case was settled by one of JMW’s expert solicitors for £100,000.

Have you also suffered misdiagnosis of cancer?

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