Delayed diagnosis of rare disease causes man’s death - £1.1 million

‘Sarah’, on behalf of ‘John’, deceased

Eddie Jones, a partner in the specialist medical negligence team at JMW, represented Sarah, the wife of John who sadly passed away due to a misdiagnosis of a condition called Wegener’s Granulomatosis. Eddie was able to support Sarah in obtaining a settlement of £1.1 million to help her to cope with the financial aspects of John’s death.

Poor follow-up care

John attended his GP having suffered with chronic sinusitis. He was initially treated with a nasal spray but received a biopsy after his symptoms did not improve. John was never provided with the results and his nasal congestion began to worsen, in addition to other symptoms including headaches, boils and night sweats.

Despite several hospital attendances, no-one was able to provide a diagnosis. Although Wegener’s Granulomatosis had been considered by John’s doctors at one point, they had dismissed this as a possible cause due to a negative test for a certain antibody. Follow up investigations were not arranged and it was confirmed throughout the investigation of the medical negligence case that this should have been done.   

Due to worsening symptoms over the next couple of years, John was admitted to hospital. By this point he was suffering with regular night sweats, infections and sore throats and he had developed multiple cysts and boils in various parts of his body,  However, it was a further two months before he was correctly diagnosed. John was commenced on a course of chemotherapy to treat the disease but this had to be stopped after his condition deteriorated. John sadly died several months later.

Had John received an earlier diagnosis of his condition, he could have received immunosuppressive treatment which would have been likely to improve his condition and saved his life.

Successful clinical negligence claim

Although nothing could properly compensate John’s family for their loss, JMW’s Eddie Jones was able to argue successfully that there had been a negligent delay in diagnosing John’s condition. It was accepted that, had John received an earlier diagnosis and treatment he would have survived. John’s death had a significant financial impact on Sarah but Eddie was able to negotiate a settlement of £1.1 million to ensure she could at least be compensated for that side of her loss.


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