Case Study: Mother's Funeral Arrangements for Miscarried Baby Ignored

Compensation: £5,000

Felicity, 26 years old, Bolton

A grieving mother has received £5,000 in compensation after a hospital lost her baby following her miscarriage which resulted in serious psychological problems.

When Felicity was 15½ weeks pregnant she underwent a scan at hospital and she was told the baby did not have a heartbeat and was only 12½ weeks in size. She was informed that she could either have a D & C (dilation and curettage) or could deliver the baby naturally. Felicity decided that she would have a funeral and following induction of labour she delivered the baby.

Loss of the baby following miscarriage

Felicity agreed to the hospital making arrangements for the funeral with a local funeral director and agreed to leave the baby at the hospital. However, three days later Felicity was informed by the Head of Midwifery that the baby was missing.

Upon hearing the news that the baby had been lost, Felicity was devastated. She had a settled intention of a means of dealing with her grief over the loss of her baby to proceed to a funeral. She was deprived of this opportunity.

Felicity became tormented by ideas of what might have happened to the baby's body. She developed a major depressive episode. She was unable to cope with activities of daily life. Her relationship with her partner broke down and she suffered sleep disturbance, insomnia, early morning waking, loss of appetite, weight loss and feelings of hopelessness. A psychiatrist described her as suffering from an unresolved pathological grief. It was recommended she undergo cognitive behavioural therapy.


The hospital admitted it was liable to compensate Felicity and her case was settled for £5,000.

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