Case Study: Damage Caused During Hysterectomy

Compensation: £15,000

Laura, Chester

With help from JMW, a woman has successfully acquired £15,000 compensation after her ureter was damaged during a hysterectomy procedure.

Laura, 48, suffered damage to one of her ureters (tubes that take urine from the kidneys to the bladder) during a hysterectomy which resulted in urine building up in her kidneys and further complications.

After contacting JMW solicitors for advice, Laura’s case was taken on by medical negligence specialist Sophie Fox, who successfully secured her £15,000 in compensation.

Laura was referred to a gynaecologist as she has developed a mass inside her abdomen. Investigations revealed large cysts on both of her ovaries, which thankfully were thought unlikely to be cancerous. However Laura was advised to undergo a hysterectomy and the removal of both ovaries and fallopian tubes.

The negligence

The operation went ahead and the surgeon recorded all the usual checks in Laura’s notes, including that her ureters had been checked, however nothing was recorded about any damage occurring. In actual fact, unacceptably Laura’s left ureter had been damaged during the procedure. 

A few weeks later Laura developed a swelling in her lower abdomen and was later found to have swollen kidneys which had been caused by build-up urine due to the damage to her ureter. Laura had to undergo further procedures to address complications that had arisen as a result of the build-up of urine and to repair the damage to her ureter. She subsequently developed a urine infection as a result of this further surgery and will be at risk of further UTIs in the future.


Sophie Fox, a solicitor specialising in medical negligence, investigated the care provided to Laura and found that it was negligent of the surgeon who conducted the hysterectomy to damage the ureter and secured Laura £15,000 in compensation. 

Have you also suffered injuries during a hysterectomy?

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