Case Study: Damage to Ureter Following Hysterectomy

Rosie, 44 year old, Dudley

A woman has been awarded £125,000 for a woman after he ureter was badly damaged during a hysterectomy.

Rosie underwent a laparoscopic (key-hole) hysterectomy because of an abnormal cervical smear.  Soon after the operation, she complained of difficulty passing urine and had to be catheterised.   She was discharged home 2 days after the operation but had to be re-admitted the following day and re-catheterised. She was discharged again 2 days later but continued to suffer from frequency together with pain on passing urine.  16 days after the operation she began to leak urine from her vagina.

Left ureter hole

Rosie was readmitted and following investigations it was discovered that she had a hole in her left ureter through which urine was leaking (the ureters are the tubes draining urine from the kidneys into the bladder). An attempt was made to block the hole by the insertion of a stent but this failed and 9 days later the damaged ureter was reimplanted into the bladder. Unfortunately the ureter became blocked and a second reimplantation was necessary. Rosie continued to complain of pain in the area of her left kidney and lower abdomen together with urinary frequency.

Checking failures

JMW Solicitors alleged that during the course of the operation the surgeon had either caught the ureter with a stitch or had damaged it when using the diathermy. Either way he had failed to check sufficiently carefully for the location of the ureters during the course of the operation.

Following a meeting of medical experts Rosie accepted an offer of £125,000 compensation. Somewhat unusually the operation had been videotaped and the two expert witnesses could not establish that the surgeon had been careful enough in identifying the ureters and excluding them from the operative field when using the diathermy.

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