Case Study: Negligent Anterior Cruciate Ligament Surgery

Compensation: £23,000

Whitney, 16 years old

JMW has secured a £23,000 payout for a woman after doctors admitted negligent care during an anterior cruciate surgical procedure.

Whitney fell whilst playing netball and injured her right knee.  She attended hospital where a consultant diagnosed an anterior cruciate deficient knee with probable associated cartilage tear and was put on a waiting list for arthroscopy.


Whitney was well enough to continue playing netball but 3 months later she had another fall and again injured her right knee. She attended A&E and a month later underwent arthroscopy.  The arthroscopy confirmed an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) disruption but there was no evidence of a cartilage tear. 6 months later underwent a reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament and post-operative x-rays were considered normal.

Further complications

However, six weeks after the operation, Whitney felt the knee was unstable, very painful and movement was restricted. The consultant wondered if the pain suggested a cartilage tear and therefore he listed her for arthroscopy to check there was nothing abnormal regarding the meniscus.

14 months after the original injury Whitney underwent diagnostic arthroscopy, which revealed some minor infringement of the ACL. This was released and flexion and extension of the knee was improved, but the leg could still not be fully straightened.

Discovery of negligence

Whitney and her parents were understandably very concerned and decided to seek a second opinion privately. Further x-rays were taken and it was found that the graft was incorrectly positioned and if the graft was not removed it would eventually spontaneously rupture. The ACL graft was removed and 2 weeks later a second graft was inserted with good results.

The claim

JMW Solicitors alleged that the original operation to perform the anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction was carried out negligently and the consultant failed to recognise that the position of the graft was abnormal. As a result of the negligence Whitney was delayed in her recovery but fortunately the eventual outcome was good.


The case was settled and Whitney received £23,000 compensation.

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