Missed Fracture Success Stories

Bryony Doyle, a specialist medical negligence solicitor at JMW, has secured £18,500 for a man who was left with restricted movement and pain in his wrist after a delay in diagnosing a scaphoid fracture.

Steve fell on his outstretched left hand whilst on a night out socialising with friends. The case was settled by one of JMW’s expert solicitors for £5,000.

Lauren was left with a deformed and painful knee after doctors failed to diagnose a fracture she had sustained in an accident. Her case was taken on by Melissa Gardner, who was successful in obtaining £130,000 in compensation for Lauren.

Mary, 31, was left with on-going pain and restricted movement after a delay in diagnosing a scaphoid fracture. Her case was taken on by JMW and she was awarded £80,000 in compensation.

Poor treatment of a fracture led to unnecessary pain and suffering for Linda. Her case was taken on by JMW and she was awarded £5,500 in compensation.

Lucy fell at home and broke her hip - the break was not identified when she went to the hospital and as a result she suffered complications.

Samantha was playing football when the ball struck her right hand forcing it backwards resulting in a hyperextension injury of the wrist. She had just started her university degree.

Andy came off his bike and sustained a fractured left clavicle (collar bone). It was treated conservatively with a sling and pain killers and appeared to heal well.

Mandy was performing gymnastics with she fell on to her left arm (she was right handed). She heard a crack when she fell and was sure she had broken it. Her parents took her to A&E where an x-ray was taken.

Carol fell down the stairs at home and injured her foot one morning. After two days the foot was still painful so she attended the local A&E department. She told Doctors that she had osteoporosis and they took an x-ray of the foot but no injury was found.

When Julie fell at home she injured her left ankle and therefore attended A+E at her local hospital. The ankle was very painful and however once an x-ray was taken a physician assistant could see no evidence of a fracture.

Kathryn was 12 years old when she was knocked down by a car, injuring her right shoulder. She was taken to the A+E Department at Burnley General Hospital. An X-ray showed that Kathryn had suffered a displaced fracture of the neck of the right humerus.

Stuart was working as a Prison Officer when he fell playing football and injured his right wrist. He attended his local A+E Department that day where a series of X-rays, which did not include scaphoid views, were taken. The X-rays were reviewed by a Consultant Radiologist who failed to find an injury.

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